Sunday March 19, 2017

New Galaxy S8 Leak Reveals Colors and Pricing

Evan Blass has leaked all three of the Galaxy S8’s color schemes: black sky, orchid grey, and arctic silver. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any shots of it from the back, so it is a little difficult to tell what the heck an "orchid" grey and "arctic" silver is. Pricing for the S8 and S8+ is 799 Euro (859.20 US Dollar) and 899 Euro (966.74 US Dollar), respectively.

News Image

آ…all three of these colors feature the same black front face, an understandable move given the sheer number of sensors and other cutouts up top. (As we've previously seen in this leak of the gold version.) The "black sky" variant is the murdered-out black model we've seen in many other leaks, with its pitch-black anodized metal frame. Meanwhile the "arctic silver" model seems to be the version shown in one of the first live leaks back in January. And the grey model, as far as we can tell, is somewhere in between. It's unclear how these colors آ— and others which have been rumored آ— will be split between various carriers and regions. Samsung has fielded a broad palette of colors in the past, but not all of them have had widespread availability.