Sunday March 19, 2017

Intel Claims Storage Speed Record with First Large-Capacity Optane SSD

Intel has begun shipping their first large-capacity Optane SSD drive, the DC P4800X, which has 375GB of storage and costs $1,520. Many have accused the company of hyping the new technology up, and they were probably rightآ—benchmarks do not seem to reflect earlier claims, and conventional SSDs may remain the better choice for the typical system.

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آ…benchmarks indicate that the new Optane drive, in most real-world uses, won’t reach the levels of performance that Intel has been hyping up to now. On top of that, the benchmarks were conducted in complex environments that made the numbers hard to interpret. In a nutshell, Intel said that if you run sequential tasks, it would be better to use conventional SSDs. Optane lights up when running random reads and writes, which are common in servers and high-end PCs. Optane’s random writes reach up to 10 times faster compared to conventional SSDs, but only when utilization is being pushed to extremes, while reads are around three times faster.