Sunday March 19, 2017

IT Admin Leaves Backdoor Accounts for Benefit of New Employer

In what seems like a case of industrial espionage, a former IT admin for Columbia Sportswear installed backdoors before he left so he could gain insight on his previous employer’s business decisions. After what I assume was a lengthy investigation by the FBI, Mr. Leeper was fired. He seemed to be able to climb up the corporate ladder by more ethical means, so I am not sure why he screwed himself over like this.

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آ…Columbia [Sportswear]آ…alleges that days before he left, Leeper installed two backdoors on their network. Columbia claims Leeper used these two accounts (mainly the jmanning account) on more than 700 different occasions to access its network and then to access the email accounts of various Columbia employees from where he gained insight into the company's upcoming business decisions, especially those related to its IT infrastructure. This information allowed Leeper to gain a competitive advantage in his dealings as Denali CTO with his former employer.