Saturday March 18, 2017

Infrared Light Could Someday Deliver Super-Fast Wi-Fi

Here comes another magical Wi-Fi solution that may never see the light of day. A system based on infrared light is being proposed that would provide speeds over 40 times faster than 802.11ac. Aside from the performance increase, the idea is pretty great because there would be no interference, as light rays could be targeted toward devices. You would need an antenna in every room, though, since infrared cannot penetrate walls.

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آ…a PhD student in the Netherlands has come up with a potentially groundbreaking idea: using infrared rays to carry wireless data to your laptop or smartphone. The capacity of the proposed system is massive, with more than 40 gigabits per second possible per light ray. Contrast that with current 802.11ac, which can transmit up to 1 gigabit per second. This new infrared system can target multiple devices at once, is cheap to set up and doesn't have any issue with radio interference, unlike traditional WiFi. The research team has only tested download speeds and only across short distances, but the potential is clear.