Friday March 17, 2017

This App Requires Access to Write to Your Account - Screw That

Given that most of our readers likely use smartphones and have a ton of applications on those, it very much behooves you to pay attention to that screen during installation that tells you what app has access to. More than once I have looked at what an application is wanting access to and stopped the installation at that moment. So when you have to apologize for "Nazi spam" on your Twitter account, like my mom would say, "That ain't nobody's fault but your own boy." And mom would be 100% correct.

News Image

Twitter Counter requests read *and* write access to your Twitter account, in order to do its jiggery pokery counting your Twitter followers. I gave Twitter Counter access to my account in October 2014, and that clearly was a decision I now regret. Quite why it would need write access, unless it is planning its own self-promotion, I can't say.

What should you do if you had your Twitter account hijacked in this way?

Probably admit that you are a jackass "security expert" at best instead of asking the internet to "behave?" Even my mom is smarter than Graham Cluley. There is also a "get a cluely, Cluley" joke in there, but I will be the bigger man and leave that one alone, or not. I can't wait to see the Nazi Twitter bird armbands to start popping up online though, I am sure Twitter appreciates that bastardization of its logo.