Thursday March 16, 2017

Sony Patents Method for Wirelessly Sucking Power from Your Friend's Phone

Sony has just been granted a patent that may let devices wirelessly share power using a combination of NFC and wireless-charging technologies. People are already skeptical in how far they can take this concept, however, as current methods of charging without wires are already impractical enough, requiring a lot of specificity in positioning and close proximity. There is also the issue of power efficiency; devices could very well drain faster than they charge.

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You’re probably already accustomed to mooching free wi-fi whenever you visit a friend, but according to a new patent Sony filed just last Friday, the company wants you to be able to steal power from a friend’s phone as well, without having to connect a single cable. Before you get too excited about the prospect of your smartphone getting a jumpstart from another mobile device, or even an appliance like a toaster or microwave, this patent, based on research by James Richard Milne, True Xiong, and Charles McCoy, seems more focused on the methodologies of finding, selecting, and managing hotspots that can wirelessly share power.