Thursday March 16, 2017

PS4 Modders Have Hacked the PlayStation VR to Play Porn

Time to dust off the ol’ headset: while they were not actually responsible for creating the "hack," some site called VR Bangers has published a guide on how to use Littlstar VR Cinema to view adult video in stereoscopic 3D. The article claims that "things appear to jiggle and grow much as they would in real life."

News Image

Mike Henigan of the VR Bangers team told me in an email that they've seen a 40 percent rise in PlayStation VR downloads in 2017, and that traffic as a whole is going up. For all of the excitement about the PSVR, though, he said, the best and most popular headsets for VR porn remain the smartphone headsets." "Compared to the last six months of 2016, the numbers of sales have increased as well with the popularity of the one-year membership sales, which shows that the people are staying around and not just checking it out," he said. "The experience is mind blowing and gives a completely different fully immersive feeling as compared to the standard mono," VR Bangers said in a press release. We're sure that's not the only blowing going on.