Thursday March 16, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Animations Have Reduced It to a Laughing Stock

Unfortunately, it is too late to officially turn Andromeda into a comedic parody of itself like Blood Dragon, as that is what the final game looks like. Was the engine just too difficult to work with, or were all the animators replaced with unpaid interns? I think this is now a $20 or $30 title for me.

Everyone on the internet is laughing at the new Mass Effect game. It’s the animations, you see. The facial animations. And the walking. And probably the dialogue too. The internet is merciless. Hours after the embargo for early impressions and streaming lifted and Mass Effect Andromeda has been reduced to gifs and memes and jokes. Because that’s how we communicate in 2017. Remember, this is final code Electronic Arts and Bioware has sent out to reviewers, streamers, YouTubers and other influencers. This is the game you’ll be getting on launch day.