Thursday March 16, 2017

EVs with 100-Mile Range May Be All You Need, Some Automakers Say

Car companies that include Hyundai and Honda aren’t concerned about range too much, as demonstrated by vehicles such as the latter’s Clarity EV, which only gets around 80 miles per charge. They believe that efforts are better spent on MPGe and the efficiency of a vehicle, which would be undermined by the bigger, heavier batteries required for extended range. They also argue that range anxiety doesn’t really exist, as most daily trips are only around 100 miles.

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Steve Center, VP for environmental business development for Honda in the US, told Automotive News, "These people want a battery car and they know what they do and where they go. They’re very rational and they don’t need to lug around or charge up a 300-mile-range battery because that costs them electricity." Honda has experience selling small EVs, to wit the Honda Fit EV that at 160 inches is almost three feet shorter than the Clarity and Accord. Honda sold only 1,100 of the Fit EVs. Obviously, one could argue there’s room for something in between, such as an EV version of the Honda Civic (367,000 sold last year) or CR-V compact crossover (357,000 sold last year).