Wednesday March 15, 2017

Samsung to Spend $6.98B on 10nm Production Lines Next Month. 7nm coming in 2018

The Korean English Language ET News site has a story up about Samsung making major investments to ramp up and expand it's 10nm FinFET lines starting next month. Current production volumes produce 25,000 10nm wafers per month with high yields. The planned expansions add another 18,000 wafers per month. Additionally Samsung is also reportedly planning to build all new 7nm facilities in 2018.

As far as I'm concerned, more worldwide small node capacity is always a good thing. One of the reasons our GPU's were stuck on 28nm for so long was due to a combination of lower initial yields than expected, and mobile production for the likes of Qualcomm and Apple eating up much of the remaining supply. Hopefully continued expansions like these can help keep enough supply on the market that our GPU's can continue to shrink and get faster.

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Samsung Electronics is going to construct facilities, install clean rooms, and bring in equipment by end of this year and establish mass-production system. It has decided to initially produce 30,000 7-nano chips per month based on introduction of wafer and is going to invest $5.23 billion (6 trillion KRW) in order to construct facilities and bring in equipment that can produce 30,000 7-nano chips per month. Reason why amount of investment is larger compared to amount of production is because high-tech EUV (Extreme UltraViolet) exposure equipment that is specialized for 7-nano process is expensive.