Wednesday March 15, 2017

NSA, DOE Say China's Supercomputing Advances put U.S. at Risk

Goodness, China, what a big Supercomputer you have! The better to brute force your encryption with, my dear! The NSA and the DOE are both warning that unless significant increases are made in U.S. investment into supercomputer resources, China is likely to take world leadership in supercomputing as early as 2020. This may have effects ranging from national security implications and industrial espionage, to impacts on high tech manufacturing, the economy and scientific research.

With China's newer supercomputers being based on their own RISC CPU designs, there would seem to be little that can be done through export restrictions.

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The report stems from a workshop held in September that was attended by 60 people, many scientists, 40 of whom work in government, with the balance representing industry and academia. The report, which summarizes that meeting, was just posted online.

The threat from China is so acute that "absent aggressive action by the U.S. -- the U.S. will lose leadership and not control its own future in HPC," the report states.