Wednesday March 15, 2017

New Chrome Limits Background Tabs Usage

While this may not be a huge deal for Chrome desktop users, it will certainly get the attention of many of us that use Chrome on our mobile devices for web browsing. With the release of Chrome 57 you will now find that the browser limits JavaScript timers in background tabs. For those of you that keep a plethora of tabs open, this could be a big deal when it comes to kicking up your battery life a notch or two. You can head over to Bleeping Computer for the full scoop as it has laid out some of Google's plans through 2020 to keep background usage in check.

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Google says that in most cases, developers have abused timers, which often continue to work and consume resources even when the user switches to another tab. Google says that by throttling JavaScript timers in Chrome 57, they've achieved "25% fewer busy background tabs."