Wednesday March 15, 2017

The Division’s Vendor Might Be the Worst Example of Microtransactions Yet

I've never played The Division personally, but I have heard good things about the game, and had intended to try it myself at some point. I've always been a sucker for good, dreary, post-apocalyptic games. That was until I read about the new 1.6 update. There is now a new in-game vendor selling cosmetic items like backpacks, weapon skins and hats, which can only be bought by spending real money on in-game credits.

As I frequently tell my Roblox-crazed stepson it seems crazy to me to spend real money on virtual fashion apparel. I can barely enjoy Counter-Strike anymore with all of its skin trading requests. I have to admit, this development with The Division has me much less likely to try the game, especially since the premium vendor has been called "the worst example of microtransactions yet." Nothing screams post-apocalypic wasteland like a gun covered in pink skulls, amirite?

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Outfits round out the selection cosmetics, available in $8 to $11 bundles or anywhere in the $1 to $5 range for individual pieces. Just how bad do you want to dress up as a Riker, the most generic, thuggish enemy type in the game? Or maybe you’d like to roleplay as one of the JTF, a generic soldier type with notoriously incompetent AI?