Wednesday March 15, 2017

Blast from the Soltek Past

I just opened up my Amazon Photos desktop app to grab a picture I needed and I was greeted with this "Memories from 2003." It almost burned my eyes out! I give you the Soltek SL-75FRN2-L Golden Flame motherboard!

News Image

Obviously the name "Golden Flame" was chosen after others had their eyes burned out as well. That all said, this ugly bastard earned the first-ever HardOCP Top Pick Award.

Combined with stellar performance, great overclocking potential, and a very unique appearance, the Golden Flame nForce2 series from Soltek is sure to capture one’s attention. Quite simply, Soltek brings together flagship level performance and mainstream pricing with the SL-75FRN2-L. Backed by a company who is steadily earning a reputation for a solid mainstream product, Soltek seems committed to bringing value to the mainboard marketplace. At the end of the day whether you're talking about cars or motherboards, speed is all that really matters...right?

Of course we all know now that Soltek, its motherboards, and NVIDIA nForce have all fallen by the wayside. That ABS II sticker on the socket refers to a temperature thermistor that was down on the board in the socket, which was something that was pretty damn cool for 14 years ago.