Tuesday March 14, 2017

Sony Prices XBR-A1E OLED TV Higher Than LG, Starting at $5,000

Time will tell whether this is just brand taxing at work or the display’s unique features truly justify the premium, but prices for Sony’s OLED efforts are out and they ain’t cheap. While LG’s lowest 2017 model can be had for $3500, Sony’s starts off at $5000 due to special video processing, speakers built into the screen, and a stand-less form factor. Regardless, I am glad to see more than one company releasing OLED TVs now.

The storied Japanese TV maker will start shipping its first large-screen, mass-market OLED-based TVs this April in the US, and they're available for pre-order now. The A1E series will come in a 55-inch size for $5000 and a 65-inch size for $6500. There will also be a 77-incher, but pricing and availability were not announced. Sony will announce pricing for the A1E series in other countries, including Canada, next month. Those US prices are quite a bit less than what LG, the principal OLED TV proprietor, is charging for most of its 2017 OLED TVs. LG Display manufactures essentially all of the world's OLED TV panels, including those used by Sony. Panasonic and Philips also sell OLED TVs in Europe.