Tuesday March 14, 2017

Rogue Robot Blamed for Human Colleague’s Gruesome Death

This is probably just the beginning, as mobile and autonomous robot forces continue to rise, but back in 2015, a maintenance technician had her skull crushed by a robot that tried to load a trailer-hitch assembly part onto her head. I am having a tough time picturing just how it happened, as there doesn’t seem to be any photos of the layout or what kind of robot it was. I guess I'll have to wait for the inevitable LiveLeak video. Thanks to Kyle for this one.

News Image

Holbrook was in the plant’s six-cell "100 section" when a robot unexpectedly activated, taking her by surprise. The cells are separated by safety doors and the robot should not have been able to move. But it somehow reached Holbrook, and was intent on loading a trailer-hitch assembly part right where she stood over a similar part in another cell. The machine loaded the hardware onto Holbrook’s head. She was unable to escape, and her skull was crushed. Co-workers who eventually noticed that something seemed amiss found Holbrook dead.