Tuesday March 14, 2017

Diablo III’s Necromancer Aims to Be More Than a Nostalgic Act

Anyone still playing Diablo III? If not, is the return of the Necromancer class enough to get you back in the game? This time around, the content will be available as DLC instead of an expansion: you’ll now be able to use a female version of the character, and the class will have a unique storyline to follow.

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The Necromancer was previously a character in Diablo II famous for controlling his own army of undead minions and doing fun things with corpses like making them explode. But I got to play with a build of the Diablo III Necromancer at the Game Developers Conference earlier this month in San Francisco that focused more on blood magic than undead manipulation. I was able to shoot out a Blood Nova from my body, doing a large amount of damage to enemies around me while sacrificing my own health. But I was able to restore my life with other abilities, including one that would siphon health from corpses and another that gave me some life from my giant minion, a Blood Golem.