Monday March 13, 2017

XBOX Scorpio to Feature 4K 60fps Video Capture and Streaming

WindowsCentral has quoted sources that say that the new XBOX Scorpio console will feature 4K 60fps video capture and streaming to MIcrosoft's Beam service. That's certainly a step up in performance from the current 720p30 fps that the XBOX One S can do. They also said that they were told that the power supply would be internal, but who cares about that. 4K 60fps streaming will mean that this console is in another league when it comes to power. Now can they get the games to run consistently at that speed is the question. I hear that they are supersampling older games for the 1080p TV crowd.

For serious content creators, Project Scorpio could become a critical 4K video game capture solution for making clips for YouTube videos, shunning the need to pick up oft-expensive external capture cards. Today's 4K video game capture cards are not only quite rare but tend to be even more expensive than 1080p solutions.

With every bit of information we receive about Project Scorpio, the theme of native 4K keeps appearing آ— not only for games, but also console features. We now believe Scorpio will sport 4K Game DVR, 4K Blu-ray playback, and 4K streaming apps, but the real showstopper will be the 4K games Microsoft will likely flaunt at E3 2017.