Sunday March 12, 2017

Windows 10 Isn't an Operating System, It's an Advertising Platform

BetaNews has gone on a rant about how Microsoft has crossed the line with ads in its operating system, calling their practices "disgustingly sneaky" and how their "suggestions" do not help users but merely push them toward more of the company’s products. I guess I must live in bizarro world, since I have never seen any of these advertisements, or at least not enough to get hot and bothered. As an aside, I can’t believe anyone still uses the archaic File Explorerآ—now that’s something to get upset about.

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Microsoft has lost its grip on what is acceptable, and even goes as far as pretending that these ads serve users more than the company -- "these are suggestions", "this is a promoted app", "we thought you'd like to know that Edge uses less battery than Chrome", "playable ads let you try out apps without installing". But if we're honest, the company is doing nothing more than abusing its position, using Windows 10 to promote its own tools and services, or those with which it has marketing arrangements. Does Microsoft think we're stupid?