Sunday March 12, 2017

Tesla Owner Cel-Shades His Car with Clever Vinyl Wrap

As if a Tesla Model S P90D didn’t look unique enough, one owner decided to make his look like something out of Jet Set Radio or Viewtiful Joe with a big yellow wrap. I think people who put stickers on their cars are dumb, but I guess I can let this pass.

Some drivers want to make their car stand out from the rest of the crowd. Burnie Burns, the creator of Rooster Teeth’s Red vs. Blue, found a way to do just that with a neat vinyl wrap that made his Tesla P90D look as though it just drove out of a cartoon. In a video blog, Burns noted that he was inspired when his fiancأ©e got a new pocketbook from a company called Jump From Paper. The company produces some neat accessories that are designed to look as though they’re two dimensional. Burns liked how it looked, and went to Rooster Teeth’s designer to design a wrap for his car in the same style. Graphics Guys, a sign printing company in Austin Texas, took his design and printed up the wrap to install.