Sunday March 12, 2017

Here's What "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" Looks like in 4K

About 100 years from now, Nintendo will make a console that can actually run a Zelda game in 4K, but until then, fans will have to resort to emulation to get a sense of what their franchises could actually look like in the current year. As expected, the framerate is terrible in a lot of spots, but it’s interesting to see Hyrule in a higher resolution, especially if you are like me and haven’t really watched much of the other gameplay footage.

آ…considering that the game only came out last week, that's a stunning turnaround time for a jump to a PC emulator. And considering that the team behind Cemu managed to get Xenoblade Chronicles X working fine on PCs even with 4K resolution, it may only be a matter of months before PC players can (admittedly illegitimately) enjoy the latest Zelda game in its full glory. "The goal is to get every game running 100% eventually," Exzap said our interview earlier in the week. "How we get there and how long it will take is difficult to answer. But in regards to [Breath of the Wild], I think we will see small incremental improvements in almost every future Cemu release. It's been this way for most other games so far."