Sunday March 12, 2017

Google Has Finally "Killed" the CAPTCHA

I put "killed" in quotes because it looks like the CAPTCHA box will technically still be there, but going forward, you won’t have to waste your time clicking images of storefronts, stop signs, and other nonsense. reCAPTCHA is now smart enough to figure out whether the user is a bot or human on its own by analyzing browser behavior, which doesn’t seem creepy at all.

Invisible CAPTCHA’s are the latest development in the "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart." Google acquired reCaptcha back in 2009. It updated the system in 2013 to allow for the ubiquitous "I’m not a robot" checkbox that’s all over the internet. That version worked by determining the user’s humanity through their clicking style. If the click seemed fishy, a more elaborate test would be offered. But the Invisible CAPTCHA is able to recognize that a user is not a bot simply by analyzing their browsing behavior.