Saturday March 11, 2017

Three-Quarters of Americans "Afraid" to Ride in a Self-Driving Vehicle

You know when your friend is speeding and they refuse to slow down? I guess that’s the same feeling that most people think they’re going to get in a self-driving vehicle. While a lot of these results seem to come from people who have never actually experienced being driven around autonomously, I guess I can’t blame anyone for putting their lives in the hands of software. The main issue for me is that smart cars aren’t intelligent enough to detect and avoid all of the idiot human drivers that will still be on the road.

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A new report from AAA reveals that the majority of U.S. drivers seek autonomous technologies in their next vehicle, but they continue to fear the fully self-driving car. Despite the prospect that autonomous vehicles will be safer, more efficient and more convenient than their human-driven counterparts, three-quarters of U.S. drivers report feeling afraid to ride in a self-driving car, and only 10 percent report that they’d actually feel safer sharing the roads with driverless vehicles. As automakers press forward in the development of autonomous vehicles, AAA urges the gradual, safe introduction of these technologies to ensure that American drivers are informed, prepared and comfortable with this shift in mobility.