Saturday March 11, 2017

Tesla Model 3 Prototype Spotted

I could have sworn that there were reports of the Model 3 being stuck in its early design stages just a few weeks ago, but here we are now with one roaming the streets. Those who liked the concept versions will probably like the final product, as there seems to be little to no differences. I am pretty interested to see what Tesla has replaced the traditional dashboard with, which the vehicle has lacked since it was originally unveiled. It’s probably going to be an HUD, isn’t it?

News Image

آ…Tesla engineers and designers have been busy refining and enhancing the company’s highly anticipated EV. With deliveries still slated to begin by the end of the year, there have been reports that the final design is either set in stone or close to being so. In fact, Tesla during its recent letter to shareholders said that it began building Model 3 prototypes just last month. Of course, with Tesla being a company that prizes secrecy as much as Apple does, it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen what the current incarnation of the Model 3 looks like. Not to worry, some eagle-eyed Redditors recently spotted a Model 3 prototype out in the wild and posted a few photos for our viewing pleasure.