Saturday March 11, 2017

Quake Champions Will Be Free, Unless You Want to Buy It

I don’t know if being "free-to-play" cheapens the Quake brand, but that is the route id Software and Bethesda has taken for the franchise’s latest entry. The good news is that all players, regardless of whether they spend money or not, will be on an even playing field: the only real advantage for those who pay up is access to additional characters without having to earn in-game currency, which is supposedly easy enough in itself. So when are we getting a new single-player Quake?

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Willits said that players who want to can play a single character, a Champion named Ranger, for free. Or they can buy the Champion Pack and get unlimited access to Ranger and all his other friends for a fixed price. The reason for this approach is simple, he said. The gaming world has changed since the launch of the original Quake in 1996. It’s gotten bigger. There are more players from more parts of the world than ever before. Some markets simply have different expectations of how آ— or if آ— they pay for their games. By making Quake Champions both free and for-pay, his team can get it in front of as many players as possible.