Saturday March 11, 2017

Project Scorpio Will Deliver Enhanced Xbox Graphics to 1080p TVs

While Microsoft constantly brags about Scorpio's 4K prowess, those with 1080p sets will still benefit from upgrading their Xbox One systems. Any game with 4K assets will be supersampled, which means smoother graphics and better-looking shadows. In addition, titles with dynamic resolution scaling, such as Halo 5, should retain their intended pixel count more often with the beefier Scorpio hardware. In such games, resolution would be downgraded to maintain framerates under certain conditions.

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آ…games that sport True 4K assets will also enjoy graphics enhancements on 1080p displays, thanks to the console's supersampling technology. There are many games on Xbox One that sacrifice anti-aliasing quality for performance in other areas, resulting in models with jagged edges. Anti-aliasing gives objects the appearance of smoother edges, at the cost of system resources. For games that have 4K updates on Project Scorpio, 1080p sets will see improved image quality, because the otherwise wasted resolution will be used to provide smoother edges and shadows. Games such as Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which suffer heavily from jagged edges due to the game's huge draw distance, should see large benefits from this technology.