Saturday March 11, 2017

Google Insists Hangouts for Consumers Isn't Going Away

When Google introduced Allo and Duo, many assumed that Hangouts was getting hosed. Fortunately, the app has continued chugging along, but this week’s introduction of Meet and Chat (enterprise-oriented versions of Hangouts) calls the fate of the consumer version of Hangouts into question again. A head of product has chimed in to claim that it’s not going anywhere, but I have a feeling they are just waiting for the desktop and web clients for Allo to be finished before putting Hangouts down.

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آ…Hangouts for consumers will still apparently be a thing (for now), while Allo is (for now) around for the "long, long run." The news comes via Amit Fulay, the head of product for Google Allo and Duo. Fulay was responding to plenty of people on Twitter yesterday who had questions about the future of Google’s messaging apps. For example, in response to someone asking what the splitting of Hangouts into two enterprise apps meant for consumer users, Fulay suggested that consumer Hangouts is "not going anywhere." That, of course, doesn’t tell us if we’ll all be moving over to Hangouts Chat or if the current Hangouts is sticking around for a while. My guess is that Hangouts will remain and Hangouts Chat will be a separate, new app.