Saturday March 11, 2017

Elon Musk Will Fix South Australia Power Network in 100 Days, or It's Free

The Tesla CEO will be putting his money where his mouth is after declaring his plan to save South Australia’s energy issues within months, or else provide his services free of charge. SA is experiencing power shortfalls and blackouts, and their politicians and tech figures think Musk’s battery technology is the answer to their power plant issues. Elon seems happy to help.

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Elon Musk, the billionaire co-founder of electric car giant Tesla, has thrown down a challenge to the South Australian and federal governments, saying he can solve the state’s energy woes within 100 days آ– or he’ll deliver the 100MW battery storage system for free. On Thursday, Lyndon Rive, Tesla’s vice-president for energy products, told the AFR the company could install the 100-300 megawatt hours of battery storage that would be required to prevent the power shortages that have been causing price spikes and blackouts in the state. Thanks to stepped-up production out of Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Nevada, he said it could be achieved within 100 days.