Saturday March 11, 2017

Denuvo Prevents Benchmarkers from Testing Ghost Recon: Wildlands

It’s another strike against Denuvo, as paying customers are now getting shafted by anti-tamper software that is only supposed to punish pirates. Those who have been testing the CPU performance of Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy title have found themselves being locked out after swapping out different models of processors. Changing out GPUs does not seem to trigger any problems, however. Thanks to cageymaru for this one.

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According to Gamestar, Denuvo had temporarily blocked running Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands when Gamestar’s benchmarkers were swapping their CPU models. This resulted in an extremely lengthy procedure, something that forced Gamestar to completely abandon its CPU tests. We don’t know whether this is due to the new version of Denuvo as we haven’t heard this issue before (everything appeared to be working fine even when various sites benchmarked the Denuvo version of DOOM). Still, this is another issue that Denuvo needs to resolve.