Friday March 10, 2017

One Motherboard Maker Explains why AMD AM4 Boards are Missing

Have you been looking to set up a sweet new Ryzen system, only to be foiled by not being able to find a motherboard? Well, you are not alone. Legit Reviews has been looking into just why we have seen such a shortage of compatible AM4 boards. Of course, it depends on who you ask. AMD suggests its because Ryzen sales have been an unexpected success, but off the record anonymous Motherboard makers are telling a different story.

Hopefully AMD can patch things up with the motherboard makers, since if AMD is going to make a comeback, they'll need good motherboard support. You can't sell CPU's without a motherboard to put them in, and pissing the motherboard makers off is not a good way to get them to play ball.

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Then we started hearing back from the board manufactures and most stated that the first batch of boards was very small and shipped by air. They also noticed that the normal bulk shipments are done in shipping containers that come into North America by sea from Asia and that takes weeks and they should start arriving at any time. ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) has been notably absent from the AMD AM4 motherboard market, but they do have AM4 boards coming. While we heard back from most all of the manufactures one statement stood out from the rest and they wanted it shared as long as they could remain anonymous.