Friday March 10, 2017

Microsoft Confirms Windows Issue is Holding back AMD's Ryzen?

Well, not so fast. Guru3D has a story to this effect running today, and while it does look like Microsoft's statements suggest that they are looking to patch things for Ryzen, I have never seen anyone put so many weasel words into a single tweet before. That's impressive considering the 140 character limit.

They do state that there seem to be some puzzling issues with Windows detecting an incorrect cache size on Ryzen though, as well as some issues with 0.25x multipliers, so it does seem like there is a legitimate need for at least some patching on Microsoft's part, but it is unclear to us what real performance impact this might have. We have asked Microsoft for clarification, and will update you with what we hear.

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Back in the days when Intel introduced Hyper-threading many similar issues have been addressed. From here on-wards it will be a waiting game as we'll have to wait and see how Microsoft will address this matter and see what effect these two factors will have on the slightly disappointing game performance results. But sure, it is terrific news that Microsoft found an issue and is correcting it, let us hope that Microsoft sorts out the scheduler and cache issues as soon as possible. Maybe the upcoming Patch Tuesday update scheduled for March 14 will bring this coveted patch.