Friday March 10, 2017

Congressman Introduces Bill That Would Allow Victims To 'Hack Back' After Attacks

Tech dirt has the, well, the dirt, on some very early stage legislation working its way through congress. It would give victims of hacking legal protection to hack their attackers back.

When I first read this article, I got a bad vibe from it, as it sounded like vigilante justice, but apparently the law would ban revenge attacks. Hacking your attacker back would only be allowed in order to collect evidence and identify them. I'd have to wonder, would this evidence even be admissible in court? I'd imagine not.

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"Empowering individuals" through federal law can go sideways in a flash. The second half of Graves' statement is better. A conversation does need to take place about responses to security breaches and attacks. But that conversation shouldn't start until those wishing to speak up start doing a much better job locking down their digital valuables. Offense is more fun to play than defense, but defense is where it all should start.