Thursday March 09, 2017

Streaming Subscription Audience Surpasses Pay-TV Subscribers in US

Traditional services have plenty to worry about, as everyone is entertaining themselves on devices other than televisions these days with Netflix and other streaming services that provide incentives such as binge watching and content suggestion. New data claims that pay-TV packages are finally succumbing to newfangled providers, and the gap should only widen. In five years, sitting in front of the tube has decreased by 11%.

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آ…a new survey claims that streaming video subscriptions in the U.S. have overtaken cable and satellite subscriptions. This is according to the Consumer Technology Association آ— formerly the Consumer Electronics Association, the huge trade group behind CES International and other shows آ— which says that the results of its latest study show that 68% of Americans are subscribed to some sort of streaming video service, putting it a hair’s breadth ahead of the 67% of the country subscribed to a pay-TV package.