Thursday March 09, 2017

PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 out Now with Boost Mode, External HDD Support

Those of you who are looking for a reason to jump back into classic PS4 titles have one now, as Boost Mode has finally arrived for the console in its latest firmware update. This feature should improve frame rates and reduce load times for a number of games. Other commendable additions include support for external hard drives, resolution improvements in PS VR, and custom wallpaper ( what’s the excuse for not having this feature at launch? ).

The rollout has already begun all across the world for this feature-rich update, according to multiple reports. The download is a bit bigger than usual, at 324.1MB. Firmware 4.50 brings a number of crucial features to the console. Most notably, the ability to use external HDDs for game installs, set custom backgrounds, notification menu updates, and more. The update also adds 3D Blu-ray support for those with PS VR headsets. The other big addition is the new Boost Mode for PS4 Pro owners. This enhanced mode allows unpatched PS4 games to run at higher frame-rates, and reduces loading times in some instances.