Thursday March 09, 2017

Mazda Claims There Is No Demand for Electric Vehicles

The ubiquity of electric vehicles seems inevitable, so Mazda’s lack of interest in supplementing their current line-up with the charging variety seems like a mistake. The president of Mazda France, Phillipe Geffroy, claims that e-vehicles are only purchased by the rich and those who want to "play the ecological image." Being a smaller automaker, I can only assume that the company cannot afford to do it.

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It’s not clear on what they are basing their perception of low consumer interest in electric vehicles aside from the wealthy, but that has been a strong talking point from automakers and the oil industry for a long time now. The argument is less convincing in 2017 when Tesla has over 400,000 reservations for the Model 3 and electric vehicles in a country like Norway represent over 30% of new passenger vehicles. There’s no reason for customers not to want affordable long-range electric vehicles. In Geffroy’s home country, Renault’s ZOE is having an increasing success and with an available starting price of ~$20,000 after incentive and before gas savings, it’s not only for wealthy people.