Thursday March 09, 2017

IBM Researchers Store Data in a Single Atom

You may not be alive to reap the benefits of this feat, but it does provide a bright outlook for the potential of future storage. As current hard drives take about 100,000 atoms to store a single bit of data, just imagine how physically tiny but massive in capacity drives could be decades from now.

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Today, you can fit your personal music library into a storage device the size of a penny. With IBM's technique, you could fit Apple's entire music catalog of 26 million songs onto the same area, Big Blue said. Atomic-level storage could radically change our computing devices. A smartwatch or ring could carry all your personal data, or businesses could keep potentially useful information that today they can't currently afford to preserve. And socking away lots of information is important for artificial intelligence, which has a voracious appetite for data used to train machine-learning systems to do their jobs.