Thursday March 09, 2017

Google Admits to Pixel and Pixel XL Microphone Defects

The Pixel may be one of the best phones of 2016, but it is kind of useless if yours happens to be one that can’t make calls or record audio. While the defect was reported many months ago, Google is finally admitting an issue with the device’s microphones: a tiny crack in the solder connecting the audio codec chip to the main motherboard causes the phone to lose audio processing abilities. Luckily, only 1% of devices are affected, and all warranty claims will be honored.

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آ…both the Pixel and Pixel XL may have a failure-causing physical default in one of the three microphones on the devices, the primary "phone" input and two ambient mics. It could also be an issue with a hairline crack in the solder of the microphone component going to the phone's main board. These two issues seem to cover most of the device problems experienced so far, and the minute physical nature of the defects explains why they can sometimes appear and disappear with tiny variations like phone grip and ambient temperature. Some users have managed to get their microphones "un-stuck" with applied heat and air via a hairdryer, but it isn't officially recommended. The problem is occurring with "less than one percent" of units.