Wednesday March 08, 2017

Violent Video Games Found Not to Turn You Into a Killer

I just got done reading this entire paper for on frontiers in Psychology; Lack of Evidence That Neural Empathic Responses Are Blunted in Excessive Users of Violent Video Games: An fMRI Study. Basically what it says is that playing shooters all day long and night do not make you care less for the plights of others around you or turn you into a homicidal maniac. They have been known to turn you into a dick online however. Of course you can find articles that site dissenting opinions. But those bastards can go die in a fire.

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Thus, the lack of group differences in our fMRI data dues not suggests, that excessive VVG use leads to long term emotional desensitization and a blunting of neural responses related to empathy. This is corroborated by the questionnaire data which did not reveal differences between VVG users and controls for empathy and aggression measures, even though some differences emerged for measures assessing novelty seeking and antisocial personality.