Wednesday March 08, 2017

Amazon Alexa Service is Down and People Can't Turn on Their Lights.

Amazon's Alexa service went down temporarily for some people, and as normal, there were widespread complaints. What isn't normal about these complaints is that people seem to have forgotten how to turn on their lights without using the Alexa service. In the age of convenience, this is truly a first world problem.

Complaints were posted to Twitter like this one from Mark Hopkins, "With Alexa down, I had to open the Philips Hue app to turn off the lamp like some kind of f**king barbarian." Dennis Jackson lodged his complaint in this manner, "Holy crap, Alexa is down. I can't live. I don't know what to do next. I'm just going to stand still and wait. #scared #alone" Makes you wonder what these people would do during a natural disaster.

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Owners vented their frustrations on Twitter early on Wednesday morning, with many of them complaining that they couldn't operate other connected devices, such as lights and music systems, in the way they usually would.