Tuesday March 07, 2017

Norwegian News Site Sifts out Trolls with Quiz for Commenters

Are you tired of dealing with outraged commenters rage-posting about an article they haven't even read, making incorrect assumptions based only on the title? Norwegian broadcaster NRK is. They are testing a new system in their comments, where anyone who wants to comment on an article has to pass a quick and simple quiz before being allowed to post. The theory is that not only will the quality of debate improve if you make sure that everyone posting actually read the article, but also that taking the time to answer a quiz might give the most outraged posters a little bit of time to calm down before starting their post.

Sometimes I wonder if we could do this here... Kyle?

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Do you want to comment? Answer a quiz!

We are improving the quality of our comments section. Because of this, we want to make sure that anyone who comments has actually read the article. Correctly answer the questions below to unlock the comments.

The way it works is that prior to being allowed to comment on a story, the reader is required to take a quiz answering three multiple choice questions relating to the content of the article they wish to comment on.

In a recent story about an advanced search engine called Stalkscan.com, for example, the quiz included questions about who developed Stalkscan and what year Facebook launched its Graph search feature.