Tuesday March 07, 2017

Cloudflare's Next Big Business? Protecting Your Car From Hackers

Forbes is reporting that Cloudflare is looking to get into the business of securing cars equipped with smart technologies from being hacked. As we have reported on several times in the past, cars could certainly use added protections from hacking and other security problems, but a question that is difficult not to ask is, what happens when something like CloudBleed hits your car?

Thanks to Cageymaru for the link.

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Explaining the protection Cloudflare might provide, Prince said: "Cars that have an internet connection will have to pass through us... if there's some sort of vulnerability or DDoS [distributed denial of service] attacks, we'll be the first contact [and block malicious traffic]." Software updates to vehicles may also be made swifter and more secure if passed through extra checks on Cloudflare servers.