Monday March 06, 2017

To Keep TOR Hack Source Code Secret, DOJ Dismisses Child Pr0n Case

As we have reported on in the past, the FBI has successfully compromised TOR, the service used to anonymously browse the internet, and access the so-called "dark net." As part of the case against one of the suspects arrested on child pr0n charges in 2015, a Judge ordered the DOJ to disclose the details of how TOR was compromised. The problem here is apparently that the TOR exploit has been classified, and the prosecutor in the case does not have the authority to disclose the methods, and has been forced to dismiss all charges.

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"The government must now choose between disclosure of classified information and dismissal of its indictment," Annette Hayes, a federal prosecutor, wrote in a court filing on Friday. "Disclosure is not currently an option. Dismissal without prejudice leaves open the possibility that the government could bring new charges should there come a time within the statute of limitations when and the government be in a position to provide the requested discovery."