Monday March 06, 2017

Spammers Screw Up and Leave Spam Database Exposed

This is one of those security breach things that while on the surface seems great that it is happening to spammers, but will likely just lead to more spam email, but however be the end of River City Media, hopefully.

The leaked, and unprotected, database is what's behind the sending of over a billion spam emails every day -- helped, as Vickery points out, by "a lot of automation, years of research, and fair bit of illegal hacking techniques." But it's more than a database that has leaked -- it's River City Media's entire operation. Business plans, HipChat logs, accounts and much more.

News Image

While a bunch of personal emails were leaked, it looks like the entire operating strategy employed by RCM was exposed as well, which all will likely put them out of business, since now you and I have the ability to build a spam list as "good" as theirs. Be ready to sign up for that HardOCP "alert" mail any day now!

Oh yeah, "Die spammer die!" Been a while since I typed that out. I thought it just a minute ago however.