Monday March 06, 2017

Robo Recall Oculus Exclusive No More

Being that most interactive VR warriors have opted for the HTC Vive system over the Oculus, you were likely sad to hear that Robo Recall was going to be an Oculus exclusive title. Well, rejoice, as that exclusivity has ended for those of us that are willing to get our hands a bit dirty. And on top of it all, it uses the extremely reliable SteamVR layer. Get over to GitHub to all the files and instructions that you need to be gaming on your Vive. It is not a big job at all. If you can read and type, you got this handled.

This is proof-of-concept Robo Recall mod that adds native Vive support. It's called RoboRevive, but it doesn't actually use the Revive compatibility layer. Instead it uses the native SteamVR plugin from the Unreal Engine.

Check out the Robo Recall trailer below. This looks likely to give Raw Data a run for its money.