Sunday March 05, 2017

Not Warning Kid About Piracy Makes Father Liable, Court Rules

In Germany, a father is taking the heat for his kid downloading an audiobook after his defense of limiting the child’s Internet usage to school-related stuff failed. The court basically argued that he should have taught his boy how it was wrong to download or share copyrighted content. I wonder if they thought about fining the mother too for birthing a pirate.

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آ…the father argued that he’d asked his son to keep any Internet activity limited to school purposes, a statement that was backed up by the man’s partner. In addition, the 11-year-old was warned not to download random things or do anything dangerous. However, according to the court’s verdict, this doesn’t count as an adequate instruction since it lacks a specific explanation as to what illegal downloads are. In her order the judge writes that for proper parental supervision, it’s required to "instruct a child on the illegality of participating in illegal file-sharing exchanges, and to explicitly prohibit this behavior."