Sunday March 05, 2017

Tim Sweeney: Microsoft UWP Still "Woefully Inadequate"

The head of Epic Games was recently asked whether he felt any differently about the Universal Windows Platform, and as expected, he reiterated his hate for the technology. If you can remember, Sweeney saw UWP as an attempt by Microsoft to lock down the PC ecosystem, and he thinks the company is being deceitful when they parade the platform as a measure for preventing malware and other malicious code.

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"All of the things that Microsoft can do to make Windows more secure, they can do without forcing everybody to sell their stuff through their store," he said. "And so, all of these claims that they’re forcing people into the Windows Store and adding friction to non-Windows Store software purchasing, it’s just a lie when they say that they’re doing that to secure users. Those are two completely separate issues that they’re only conflating because it’s the only possible excuse they can use for their efforts. But yeah, UWP is a very, very long way from being able to support the kind of openness and flexibility of PC games today."