Sunday March 05, 2017

Safari Browser Sheds Users, Mimicking IE

I wonder what it feels like developing for any browser that isn’t Chrome or Firefox, since those seem to be the only browsers that anyone uses anymore. On the Windows side, Microsoft’s offerings have reportedly dropped 35 percentage points over the last two years, and now Safari is demonstrating a similar (but not as depressing) downslide, whose usage has fallen 13 percentage points. Needless to say, Chrome continues to keep growing, while Firefox at least manages to keep it steady.

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According to California-based analytics vendor Net Applications, in March 2015, an estimated 69% of all Mac owners used Safari to go online. But by last month, that number had dropped to 56%, a drop of 13 percentage points -- representing a decline of nearly a fifth of the share of two years prior. It was possible to peg the percentage of Mac users who ran Safari only because that browser works solely on macOS, the Apple operating system formerly labeled OS X. The same single-OS characteristic of IE and Edge has made it possible in the past to determine the percentage of Windows users who run those browsers.