Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday March 04, 2017

A Look at Windows Mixed Reality Shell

Microsoft is shipping Mixed Reality headsets this month, and here’s a video that may help you decide whether you want to invest in one or not. It looks like there are still plenty of bugs to be dealt with, but the author does manage to do some wild stuff, like set up a virtual home and use a variety of Windows apps from different rooms. I will probably get one if it lets you set up a virtual multi-monitor setup.

Windows Mixed Reality (previously Windows Holographic) is Microsoft’s shell for navigating content when wearing VR and AR headsets, and is expected to reach the mass market this year as part of the Creators Update and a wave of cheap Mixed Reality headsets from a wide variety of Widows OEMs such as Acer. The video shows one of the main differentiating features of the Windows Mixed Reality platformآ—the ability to access a wide range of UWP apps from inside the environment, but another surprise is being able to move outside your "home" and we can see all kinds of customization possibilities such a large world could open up.