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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday March 04, 2017

How "Game Mode" Will Make Games Run Better on Windows

In before "nobody cares because it will only work for Windows Store games," but Eric Walston from the Xbox Advanced Technology Group took to the stage at GDC this week to provide tidbits on how the Creators Update feature will improve the experience for titles such as Gears of War 4. Assuming things work as described, would a noticeable bump in performance convince you to buy the Windows Store version of games?

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Windows already gives the bulk of processing time to whichever window is in focus at any specific point. In Game Mode, though, the system gives an even greater majority of GPU cycles to the active game, reducing the time available for everything else. Game Mode also gives favorable GPU memory residency to assets associated with the game, resulting in smoother performance and the ability to show more detail on the same hardware, Walston said. While the user has the final say in whether Game Mode is on or off, developers can use new internal functions to check the system and determine whether it's worth turning on Game Mode by default for their app.