Saturday March 04, 2017

The DVD Format Celebrates Its 20th Birthday

I could have sworn it was older than that, but DVD supposedly turned two decades old this month. While this article suggests that the format is dying (and he is probably right), it just doesn’t feel that wayآ—successors that include Blu-ray have been out for years, but people still seem to be buying titles on disc mastered in trashy 480p. Par for the course, it is also pointed out here that most people are good with streaming despite the advent of better and better disc formats. I never thought this would happen, but I have been cutting down on media myselfآ—although it has nothing to do with streaming quality being good enough, but lack of shelf space.

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I had held out hope that the rise of 4K resolution would spark a revival of the DVD format because as it is, HD video streaming is compromised compared to a Blu-ray DVD. Netflix and the cable companies have to compress the daylights out of the video to send it down the old copper wires that make up so much of our infrastructure. As it is, feasible 4K streaming is years off. But it seems people just don't want to go out and get a disc only to return it a few days later.